Third Place Mobility Energy Consumption

Per Person

Changing Places Group, MIT Media Lab



Energy is very essential resource in modern societies, Every major city in the earth consumes diverse type of energy such as fossil fuel, electrical energy, and etc at the expanse of our environment. Climate change has beome more important issu on modern society. However, everyday life , we need certin amout of energy to guarantee our live. Among the major energy consumption in cities, transform is major issue and it could be reduced.

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Urban population is a lager than rula areas, is concentrated on a area to deal with in term of urban mobility.

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In this project, mobility energy is considered as numerical data in urban context and compute them to find better way of understading tranfortation. Based on walkerable distance, the data in the graph are computed.

analysis methods for mobility energy per person
within 1 min (80 meter, 0.0497097 mile)
within 5 min (400 meter, 0.2485485 mile)
within 10 min (800 meter, 0.497097 mile)
within 20 min (1,600 meter 0.9941939 mile)

Data from Google Place

Google Place data are mapped as Graph and pixel covering Kendall Station so that the it internally compute and

Type of query:

'parking', 'veterinary_care', 'airport', 'plumber', 'roofing_contractor', 'atm', 'meal_takeaway', 'hair_care', 'insurance_agency', 'school', 'synagogue', 'stadium', 'movie_theater', 'doctor', 'zoo', 'electrician', 'establishment', 'funeral_home', 'spa', 'aquarium', 'storage', 'casino', 'park', 'courthouse', 'hospital', 'subway_station', 'painter', 'moving_company', 'movie_rental','embassy', 'fire_station', 'gym', 'bicycle_store', 'local_government_office', 'book_store', 'police', 'florist', 'museum', 'lawyer', 'car_rental','real_estate_agency', 'physiotherapist', 'electronics_store', 'hindu_temple','car_dealer', 'jewelry_store', 'gas_station', 'mosque', 'liquor_store', 'campground', 'library', 'university', 'accounting', 'travel_agency', 'finance', 'locksmith', 'bank','convenience_store', 'health', 'church', 'bakery', 'lodging', 'laundry', 'shopping_mall', 'dentist', 'store', 'cemetery'

query reduction

For Third place in Cambridge, MA

Places from the selected node


'accounting','bank', 'post_office','library','finance','laundry']


'amusement_park', "zoo",'aquarium','art_gallery','spa','stadium', 'rv_park', 'park','museum','movie_theater', 'night_club'


'doctor','hair_care','health', 'hospital','gym']


'clothing_store','convenience_store','department_store', 'shoe_store', 'store', 'liquor_store', 'grocery_or_supermarket','hardware_store', 'beauty_salon','bicycle_store','book_store','home_goods_store', 'electronics_store', 'furniture_store',"shopping_mall"


'meal_delivery','meal_takeaway', 'food',"restaurant",'bakery','cafe', 'bar']


'taxi_stand', "subway_station", 'train_station','bus_station', 'parking', ]

Site Selection

For Third place in Cambridge, MA

Site Selection and Third place mobility visualization

Data Visualization

Mobility for Third place on each site

Mobility for Third place on each site


Mobility for Third place on each site

comparison for 5min, 10min, and 15min

Heat Map for Third Density


Mobility Energy Consumption

Basically, as to Mobility Energy Consumption in urban, it could be measured by computing Third place. In this research, the assumption is that 5 min, 10 min to 10 min walkable place could be considered as an identical area so that it can be characterized and visualized as a radar plot.

Data manipulation

Google Place is harnessed as key data for Third place in the areas, and Graph structure is utilized for data manipulation. Node in the Graph has a its own Google Place data within distance, and Edge is for computing distance in the urban network of the city.

Data visualization

For Harvard Square, high density is shown compared to other places for example there are 110 food places in 5-min walkerable areas. For Volpe Center, the number of food place start from 6 places. However, it is rapidly increased due to the Cambridge Side Galleria.


This research reveals the Mobility Energy Consumption for Third place. Thus, it allows designer to improve the Mobility Energy by remove or add the place catabolized into 1: Facilities, 2: Amusement, 3: Health, 4: Store, 5: Transportation.